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About Our Retractable Banners


Retractable banners are the ultimate signage solution for trade shows, events and conferences. Our retractable banners include the option of printing your graphic and messaging on 13 oz. vinyl banner or 9 oz. premium polyester fabric. Our retractable banners also provide the ability to adjust the size of your display using the included adjustable pole. Our retractable banners come with a padded carrying case that makes storage and travel a breeze. Additionally you can also include a display light for an additional cost. The durability, portability and ease of use coupled with professional quality printing means your next trade show or event using your retractable banner will be your best yet. Your retractable banner and metal stand will last for many events and years to come.

Installation & Care

Installation: Your retractable banner requires little assembly and no installation. The only assembly required is removing everything from the carrying case, locking the pole into place, pulling the banner out of the metal stand and then attaching it to the pole. If you purchase a display light you can then attach this to the top of the stand/banner. Within a minute or two you’ll have a professional pop up banner for your display or event. Reverse the process and you’re walking out of the show with your retractable banner safely stowed away in its carrying case.

Care: Assuming correct set up and take down your retractable banner requires little to no on-going care and maintenance. Retracting the banner into the metal stand will protect the material (fabric or vinyl) from any potential damage in between use. Further, storing your stand, pole and light within the padded case should prevent damage in between uses. Stains can either be washed away (vinyl) or laundered (fabric) as explained in more detail in our FAQ section.

Retractable Banners Highlights

Weight: 17 pounds, including travel carrying case
Thickness: 9 oz. Fabric or 13 oz. Vinyl Banner
Details: Durable metal stand and components, LED display light (optional), carrying case (included), fabric and vinyl material options
Uses: Tradeshow display booths, events, conferences, presentations, point of purchase displays
Print Method: Full color printing, UV (vinyl) and dye-sublimation (fabric)
Estimated Lifespan: 5+ years with proper use and care
Common Sizes: 24″x88″, 36″x88″
Options: Fabric, Vinyl, LED Light

Retractable Banners Options

Choose between 9oz Premium Polyester Fabric or 13oz Matte Vinyl

Select additional accessories for your sign.

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